November 05, 2014



Retail orders typically ship in 2 to 3 business days. Please do not combine retail with pre-orders. 
The Fabric Stache team.

November Update and Happenings!

It is hard to believe that it is already November!! Fall is certainly in the air and I believe with fall comes more sewing time as we spend a greater amount of hours inside. I personally have a fireplace (gas) in my studio and on a cool day it is so cozy to have a fire going and settle into a project.

Round 7 has seen some significant changes to the ordering process. Due to a number of challenges with Paypal invoicing and on the advice of Paypal staff, we have taken steps to remove the paypal invoice from our system and replace it with a system that offers a Paypal button which has better "backend" systems and security for both the seller and customer.

Fabric Stache  was built to host both Shannon and Jackie's presales and retail orders as a result. It is hoped that soon you will all come to appreciate the more streamlined process and direct check out options that have not been able to be offered previously. Paypal is still offered as a payment option but you can also use your favorite credit card now securely. Please take comfort in the fact that we do not see nor retain your credit card information. 

If you have not stumbled upon Shannon's Stachuation yet, it is a blog with updates and information specific to fabric and buys Shannon is running. It has been built as a one stop place to find current info and we hope to (in time) add some other bonus features.

We all need fabric to sew with so here is the Shannon's Stachuation as it is right now......

Pre Order Round 7S is OPEN!!


Koyari is an Indian inspired Paisley. Mendhi is the elephant print and made us think of intricate henna art. Skateboarder is the rad print for the boys...big and small. The solids work for each and Mendhi and Koyari also have the same colors and work together. A colorway has been developed to allow you to maximize combinations of fabrics that will work in unison yet produce unique and vastly different final results depending on how they are applied.

A couple of examples :


The bonus print this round is The Walking Dead. An edgy feel, it is a grown up print and is produced for that group. Great for loungers, tees and boxers for your favorite TWD junkie!

Click here for the direct link to round 7S sales via the website : 7S Sales

Layaway is still available via the traditional "form system" here : 7S Layaway



Have you checked out our new Instock page??  Aztec, Paris, Call Box, and Seals are all available now. Limited quantities are left and will not be run as a preorder. 

Coming Soon

Embroidery files for our prints!
T shirts and/or panels. Shannon is currently working on a couple of options to see what will be the most cost effective and offer the greatest variety for our customers.


Fabric Stache is going through several changes due to growth currently. We would love to hear your feedback and comments here on the blog are welcome. 

Round 7S
Nov 2 - Now Open. Closes Nov 15

Order at

Layaway link : Layaway

Round 6S

Oct 2 ….NOW OPEN! Closes Oct 15th

Oct 6th ...Invoicing will commence under new system.

Oct 15th Closed Order Submitted

Nov 1 Strike Offs Enroute for approval

 Round 5 S BBT, Under the Sea and Wondergirls

 Sept 15 CLOSED  Payments Due

Oct 2 In line with printer.

Nov 5  All of Bazinga and a roll of Under the Sea and Wonder Girls has shipped to Shannon. The rest finishing printing.

Round 4-S-Ballloon Girl, Firemen, Peacocks, Peacock Stripe-OPEN NOW

7-22-14-awiting strike offs to close.  Invoices go out as ordered to save time.

8-9-14-Closed , Invoices due 8/11

Sept 22-14 In line with printer. Large orders ahead of ours

10-1-14-Firemen is done with one printer, the others are in line on the printers schedule to be printed, they had several large orders ahead of this one.  Chinese Holiday right now till the 8th.  Will post again when there is a new update.

10-24-14- Still in production, this one is taking longer, they had lots of large orders before ours

11-1-14-Still in production  

Nov 5 - Fireman has arrived to Shannon and will be cut to be ready to ship with the rest of the round when it arrives.

Navy Never Grow Up

7-22-14-Closed Invoiced- before strike offs as noted in the order, this one will take longer.

8-8-14-Printer said shipping strike off on Monday 8/11

8-13-14-Strike off in, made a little change then will go into production

9-11-14-here!  hoping to cut this weekend and start shipping next week!

Oct 2 -  the print has arrived, all been cut and out. Limited extras will be sold soon as time and workload permits.
Nov 5 - Order COMPLETED!

 Green colorway -Spells-

5-12-14- colors up for voting, screens will be purchased soon

5-28-14-screens being made, hoping to see strike off by Saturday possibly?!?

6-6-14- waiting on strike offs to get here! :-)

6-11-14-Closed, strike off pics posted, all invoices are out.

6-18-14-still quite a few invoices to be paid

7-8-14- Fabric is knitted and in pretreatment!

7-22-14-In printing

8-8-14- was told should ship next week.

8-13-14- emailed printer again for an update on shipping

8-21-spells and stripe done printing, solids came in to printer wrong colors, redoing stripes and will ship to us soon.

8-26-14- got tracking for all but the solids today, will post when i get it in! :-)

9-5-14-A few rolls of spells and stripe came in, this shipment has split up and is going in all different directions to get here.  lol

9-11-14-all orders notified as being kept with just spells and stripe have shipped, waiting on last rolls of spells and the solids now.

Oct 2 ~ Last roll of spells and solids still waiting ship notification. The originating county currently has a holiday. Expect a new update soon. Limited Extras will be avail as time and workload permits.

Nov 5. green Spells solids in in the US and will be delivered to Shannon Nov 6


Round 3 (Hot Air Balloons, Hot Air Balloons/Happy Cloud Stripe, Airplanes, Airplane Stripe, Big Bang, My Pony, My Pony Coordinate, Princesses, Never Grow Up, Super Yellow Monsters, Zombies, Heroes and Villains, Happy Clouds and Rainbows)

10-31-13-waiting on Strike-offs from new printer, then we will move into production

11-13-13-These will go into production as soon as round 2 is done. YAY!

11-18-13-Fabric finishing being knitted and then going into pre-treatment this week.

12-1-13, should be shipping to us right around Christmas, fabric being knitted and will go to print as soon as the round 2 re-print is done.

12-9-13, Still on track- going into production as soon as the re-prints for round 2 are done and shipped.  Likely ship to you in the New year.

12-17-13. Fabric in pre-treatment and going into production, looks like shipping will be first week in January with the extra time they are taking for quality control, glad to get this before the long Chinese New Year Holiday mid to end of January!

1-2-14-shipping soon- will likely arrive before all of round 2 is cut, so will move right from cutting round 2 to round 3 and Valentines

1-12-14-shipping- will move right into cutting round 3 as soon as round 2 is done!

1-26-14- Due to printing quality issues moved to a new printer.

2-18-14-Images have been sent to several printers.  All we can will be moved to screen for more consistency.  Still will be compliant for use in childrens items.  :-)  As soon as we have the strike offs we will let you know.

3-1-14- Decided on screen printing most of the designs two weeks ago. Screens are being cut (takes time due to one screen per color and some have 16 colors) and printing will be start as soon as they are all cut. Any pictures received will be posted as soon as they come in.

3-11-14-Screens are almost done, strike-offs for digital were said to be shipping the 15th now.  Will post pics as soon as we have them!  Round 2 reprints will be printing with round 3 production.

3-20-14-No tracking for shipping of digital strike offs, emailed the printer, he had delays, he said they would ship next week now for sure.  Will post pics as soon as i get them!  The ones with less colors going screen- the fabric is knitted, the screens are made and the fabric is in pre-treatment now.  Will ask for progress pics and post when we get some! Screen-super yellow monsters, happy clouds and rainbows, hot air balloon, rainbow stripe, air planes, air planes stripe, big bang.  The rest will be digital

4-1-14-we have tracking for the digital design strike offs!  Pics will be posted as soon as I get them!  The screen printer told Jackie the screens are done and printing started. She is hoping to get pictures up for the screen designs today, she just moved and still does not have internet, she is in a new development that does not have cable yet and is using her phone and going to places to get on wifi when she can.

4-7-14-digtial strike offs received and posted!

4-22-14- a few strike offs needed colors adjusted, the rest of digital and screen have been placed in production with the printers.  As soon as we have new info we will post.

5-5-14-Jackie has posted several sneak peaks behind the scenes of the screen prints.  Digital Printer is saying , In production , He had other big orders that came before ours.  I ask him at least twice a week.  As soon as I have anything new I will be sure to post it!

5-12-14- Last screen design- fabric is knitting now and will go to print soon, digital still in production, sounds like the big orders placed before ours are finished and ours is better underway now.  We will pass on as soon as we have more

5-28-14- last screened design is finishing up and will ship very soon printer says, Digital half done, printer had an issue with some of the ground fabric and had more knitted the end of last week.  Remaining designs printing this week and next, should ship soon after he says.

6-6-14-Screen Printer hoping to finish and ship around Tuesday next week, Digital printer said hoping to ship by end of next week.

6-18-14- Both printers ran into some delays, one political shutting the factory down for 3 days or so, the other just not done as quickly as they hoped.  Digital should be shipping this week now.

6-23-14- WE HAVE TRACKING FOR DIGITAL designs!  Will update when we have screen tracking too this week.  Jackie is almost done cutting Emo Rainbow and will be ready for round 3, I am ready to cut and ship as much as i can before going to Vermont from July2-7, and will finish when i get back. Moved Super Yellow Monsters back to digital, did not like the screen strike off. Round 3 is a very large order and will take a little bit to cut.  :-)

7-22-14-3-S all NGU, Zombies, Heroes and Villains, and Princesses cut, orders with just those have been shipped, waiting on Super Yellow Monsters, Happy Clouds and Rainbow and matching stripe to ship remainder.  Should be shipping anyday, had some paperwork issues.

3-J- all My pony and coordinate are cut, and shipped if you only ordered those.  Waiting on Big Bang, Airplanes, and stripe, Hot air balloons and stripe to finish shipping.  Should be shipping any day, had some paperwork issues.

7-29-14: SPLIT SHIPPING FOR MLP & Coord:

8-9-11- Jackie still working on getting Tracking from the printer, we all are drooling over this since he sent the videos and pics of the stuff printing, hurry up printer!!! lol  Super Yellow Monsters, having been moved to digital is due to ship on Monday.  More orders from round 3-S will be shipped as soon as we get super yellow monsters cut!

8-17-14 Printer is waiting for paperwork to come back to clear customs issue. As soon as we get the date it was cleared, we will announce it.

9-7-14 Major flooding delaying shipment, update with pics on the wall

Oct 2 – All round 3 screen has landed on US soil!!!!!!!!!!! Jackie has all her prints at her house, Shannon’s are at her local airport and just waiting final brokerage.

Nov 5 - This ROUND IS COMPLETED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you ALL for your EXTREME patience. You have no idea how glad we are that this is D.O.N.E!





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