January 24, 2015



Retail orders typically ship in 2 to 3 business days. Please do not combine retail with pre-orders. 
The Fabric Stache team.

Happy New Year from Shannon!

It is difficult to believe we are already 24 days into 2015!

Here is a quick update on Shannon's Stachuation.

Round 6: landed, cut and shipped out. These fabrics came in BEAUTIFUL! 

There as an issue with the grey solid and all were refunded for it. It is lovely seeing some of the items being made with these and I know both Shannon and Michelle are eager to have a chance to get at our machines and make some things for ourselves.

Round 7: Shipped and will land to Shannon on Monday. 

Round 8 Preorders are closed and order has gone in.

Retail:There is lots on the site currently! Retail will be turned of while Round 7 is cut and processed. 

Embroidery:New files have been added this week for Minecraft and sushi. More new files will be available soon!

SALE: Several prints are currently on sale!

These include the Aztec series, the round 6 floral and grunge stars, seals, peacock stripe, and the green spells stripe that works great with Jackie's "Edward" print. Get them while they last!


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