March 23, 2015



Orders temporarily suspended as we are dealing with big family changes and work on inventory.  

The Fabric Stache team.

Spring has Sprung!

A time of newness and renewal is amongst us this Spring everywhere we look and even at Shannon's Stachuation.

The move to the new space is now complete for the most part. There is still a bit of organizing to do but everything is in one new space and the Wallace home has been reclaimed.

One the day that the move was originally planned a new family member decided to make his arrival. Needless to say, the move of his parents and sister to a portion of the new space as well as the business got interrupted and it has been not as smooth as was originally hoped but in the end, everything is complete. Baby and family and business are all getting settled.  Here are a few pictures Shannon is sharing of where the magic happens.


The first photo is of the new Cutting station. Second shows some of the shelving and lots of room just waiting for the new rounds to arrive!

Retail Changes: For a variety of reasons, how Shannon is doing retail is changing for the foreseeable future. Retail will open on Fridays and be open for close to the entire 24 hour period to allow all from various time zones to shop. With the additional workload of the move and getting new processes in place, trying to help with the baby and finding a better home/work balance Shannon feels this is best at this time. She highly values customer service and wants the best and quickest shipping turnaround for her retail sales for her customers.

UPDATES as of March 22:

Round 7- Reprints and extra Clownfish shipping this week. 

Round 8 - Last of the strike offs should be shipping this week, part of the order is in production now, slow going due to the backlog from the month long holiday

Round 9 - Strike offs should be shipping within the week, again slow due to back log
Round 10 - Strike offs should be shipping within the week

Round 11 - In design process. Opens April 1 2015.



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June 27, 2015

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Marj Andrews
Marj Andrews

April 13, 2015

Congratulations, to a talented young lady, a beautiful and wonderful person that I am blessed to call daughter.

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