August 25, 2016



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The Fabric Stache team.

Sweet September!!

I can hardly believe it! September is but a few days away!!

While many of you have already sent your munchkins back to school, the first week of September means that the rest of us also get to experience that joy as well. Lets make this relevant shall we...SEWING SEASON IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shannon managed to have a busy (should I say I just found a typo that said "busty"...because that may be true as well LOL) summer both with the business and outside with family. She would like to thank all of those who purchased the August prints "Forever in My Heart" and by proxy  supported her apple of her eye Tillie (her granddaughter) on her medical journey towards diagnosis. 

The "BIG event" of summer was the SUMMER STACHE BASH. Shannon and Michelle held the event over a full week and all of you were amazing troopers. You made purchases and put up with the BST wall being closed much of the time and retail being closed. As we said, you blessed both our families greatly in different ways. Shannon was able to help Tillie and her parents meet some medical bills and Michelle will be able to have Christmas with her Dad for the first time in almost 15 years. It will be the first time the kids have ever been with their grandparents for Christmas! THANK YOU from us both !!!!

Speaking of retail having been closed, it is REOPENED!! An inventory was completed post Bash and the shop has reopened. Many of the prints are down to a handful of yards. If you see something I do encourage you to grab it as it may not be there the next day. Shannon's Retail.

For our Canadian ladies, I know this has been a difficult month or so of decisions "do I buy, will it get here" surrounding the Canada Post job action. As I write this things are still up in the air. Strike notice may be served today, but there is also a push for a special mediator. Rest assured we have you covered. If you want to place an order please go ahead. This will guarantee fulfillment for you. In the notes, add "hold for Canada Post resolution". We are watching the situation closely and can check in with you when it looks like there is a safe window (ie... mediation, strike mandate expires).

Shannon is participating in another giveaway! This one is hosted by Star Dust and Moon Beams and is a scavenger hunt! Check it out and get a chance for Shannon's prize of 5 yards of Stache Basics!!

Speaking of Stache on the look out for the beginning of September for the beautiful and rich colors of "Fall Jewel Tones" to go up for pre order!

Finally I want to wrap this up by welcoming two new ladies the team! Kelly Skubitz is going to be our Social Media gal getting our content out on various platforms. Stephanie Hauser is taking over the Sewing and Chat page and going to be having some great things happening there! Look for a Sew A Long to begin as soon as the kids get back to school that is for YOU and for other regular features as well. Both will be on all the pages answering questions and making approvals as well. 

Let's get into the September Sewing Swing of things!!

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