KNIT Wandering Feet-Knits and Giggles

This is the fabric that was originally ordered in the Knits and Giggles Facebook group and Fabric Stache purchased in order to help our community receive after issues arose in that group.  This was not sent to Fabric Stache printers and is not on our normal weight base fabric. We paid for the already completed fabric from Nikki's printer.

This has a small repeating flaw as seen in the second photo, about 1 in a yard.

Reactive dye, screen printed on 95/5 cotton/lycra knit Jersey, 190 gsm, 52-58 inches wide.   Short run prints may have some small flaws as noted in the Fabric Stache group.  .  Sold as is.

Please DO NOT order pre-order fabric and In Stock fabric in the same order. 

All rules and terms of sale on the Fabric Stache Facebook group apply.

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