ZOMBIE Grey Solid-Flawed

Dyed solid , 95/5 cotton/lycra knit Jersey, 190 gsm, 58-60 inches wide.  

This was dyed to coordinate with the Don't Blink, Grunge Stars, and Floral Butterfly group.  It came in with faint red streaks on it though and what I have left may have holes in it too that will need to be worked around, SOO we are discounting it lower than cost and re-branding it Zombie Grey as it looks sort of like streaks of dried blood. 

**Sold as is**  This will come with random red streaks/marks on it and may have some holes in it.

 May come with threads from the knitting machine along the edges, normally several inches are cut off on the edges to take this off, but I have them leave it as the thread pulls out easily and I am a bit thrifty and want to keep all the possible usable fabric, ;-) 

Please DO NOT order pre-order fabric and In Stock fabric in the same order.  Thanks.